Hi. I’m Liz.

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Mom to five (yes, 5!) adult children.

Coffee. Wine.

Colorful lips.





About Me: The Long Version

I was born in a small town in Northeast Mississippi to two wonderful parents. They were quirky and interesting. I was mostly embarrassed about it, but in the end I turned out to be quirky, too. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

I moved to the big city (Memphis, the capital of North Mississippi) to go to college and there I stayed. My freshman year I met a boy who was also quirky and interesting. We were friends as students and began dating afterward. Dating led to love and marriage and a baby in the carriage. And then another and another, etc. Eventually we had five(!) children. And I started homeschooling them. Yes, I WAS that quirky woman who taught her kids to read. The apple does NOT fall far from the tree.

After twenty years of marriage I started to realize that my health, like my marriage, was failing. Turns out that I have a handful of autoimmune diseases...and one of my husband's little quirks was a lack of empathy. I hung in there for five more years getting sicker and sicker, but eventually the situation became unsustainable.

Divorced Mr. Quirky.

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Doing a lot better now.

Currently (Spring semester of 2018), three of the children are college students. All of my kids are adults. Not surprisingly, they are all quirky and interesting. The apple TRULY does not fall far from the tree.

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